Multi Chargers ensure you can keep all your gadets charged whilst on the go

Essentials to help you charge your phones at home or on the go!

Wireless multi charging cables are a must have tech accessory and are ideal for promoting your Company and brand whilst being incredibly useful.

They are generally compatible with all smartphones and iPhones, featuring both USB-C and lightening adaptors, along side the standard USB connectors. 

The multi cables come in varying shapes and sizes, some with shorter individual cables, some with longer extendable style cables - all specifically designed to allow your logo to be featured as prominently as possible.

Along with wireless cables, perhaps the 'new kid on the block' would be the wireless charger pad which allows you to charge your phone without plugging it in.  This is possible if your phone comes with Qi connectivity. These have a great surface branding area to really maximise the impact of your design.

For tech merchandise then the wireless cables and wireless charger pads are perfect gifts for any client.