PopSockets® Wood telephone holder

The PopSocket® is a handy multifunctional telephone accessory. With swappabe plastic PopGrip. The swappable PopTop has an aluminium frame with a wooden inlay. Includes laser engraving. Attach this item to the back of your phone with the 3M adhesive strip and use the handy functions; comfortable grip for better hold, functional stand and selfie-holder. Can be placed in 2 different pop-up positions and flexible so you can position the smartphone any way you like. Choose from various wood types. The PopSocket® is easy to remove and can be reused up to 10 times. Suitable for all commonly used types of smartphones, iPhones and other devices. Light-weight and also handy for rolling up your earphone cables. Read the supplied instructions for optimal use and maintenance of the PopSocket®. Extra info regarding delivery time: 60 - 500 units: 1 week | 500 - 2,500 units: 2 weeks | 2,500 - 5,000 units: 4 weeks. More than 5,000 units, price and delivery time upon request.

Wood and Aluminium PopSockets® are only available with a laser engraving. Plasic are available with print


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