The Eco Hook Charging Cable is a branded charging cable with an environmentally friendly twist. Made of biodegradable wheatstraw, this eco-friendly cable is the perfect choice for businesses looking for a useful but sustainable giveaway.

With USB-A input and USB-C, Micro USB & Lightning output, this multi cable has a connector suitable for charging almost every small device. Branded cables are never out of the way, and with ample print area to showcase your company logo and a built in carabiner hook to attach to a keyring, you can be sure your branding will always be front of mind.

Wheatstraw, made of a by-product of wheat production, is a fantastic alternative to traditional plastic. When it is disposed of, it will partially breakdown over time.Β  What’s more, we offset any the carbon footprint of manufacturing charging cables in China by shipping these in bulk to our UK warehouse.

Available with 24hr express delivery if stock levels allow.

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