Magnet and Notepad

Magnetic notepad available in a selection of standard shapes and sizes with 100% recycled, chlorine free and FSC certified paper. Peelable adhesive pad allows magnet to be detached from the notepad for continued use

Sizes and Shapes: Rectangle A - Magnet: 85 x 59mm Pad: 85 x 95mm.   House - Magnet: 85 x 56mm Pad: 76 x 95mm.    Square - Magnet: 60 x 60mm Pad: 60 x 95mm.     Phone - Magnet: 56 x 50mm Pad: 52 x 95mm.     Arch - Magnet: 61mm x 41mm Pad: 61 x 61mm.      Rectangle B - Magnet: 75mm x 105mm Pad: 75 x 105mm (A7 approx.).       Van - Magnet: 115 x 54mm Pad: 115 x 115mm.

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